Stair lift will make people with disability can go up or down stairs easily

Bruno Elan and Elite stairlifts as an alternative choice when vertical lift is not practical to install. Wheelchair users can use this lift to go up or down stairs alone. The Bruno Elan and Elite stairlifts comes with straight or curved rails in accordance with the slope of your stairs. The lift system can be installed in existing structures without requiring architectural work, and without changing the model of furniture around it. The system is also suitable installed outdoors. Bruno Elan and Elite stairlifts Hydraulic operation of these systems ensure optimum performance with very low noise levels. Key regulator which has a stable pressure ensures maximum safety for the elderly, the disabled or persons with physical limitations. When the Bruno Elan and Elite stairlifts is in the destination floor, seats can be rotated up to 75 degrees, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable landing. Bruno Elan and Elite stairlifts gradually increasing speed and a soft cushion provide stable and comfort for all users. Chairlift we are very flexible and efficient place. The lift is designed for installation outside stairs (across the banister) or in the ladder (at the side of the handle), so you can choose the best layout in accordance with the specific features of your home.

The Bruno Elan and Elite stairlifts are fitted with a special mobility wheelchair users usually only in public areas, and is not yet available in the flat of the citizens. As in near my employer’s home which is located in Bruno Elan and Elite stairliftsn is also no such tool. When entering the entrance, I was first down the stairs (no escalators) and a special household appliance lowering wheelchair users. Then I passed the second ladder, next to a second ladder is also available next to the escalator. Usually I like to take advantage of the escalator, but yesterday in order to take pictures of tools to wheelchair users, I make time to walk down the stairs. There are also buttons to direct the tool, if you want the bottom then press the button with a picture of the direction arrows to bottom and vice versa. With the red button and the image of his arrow direction is very clear, easily understandable by anyone.

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